DJ "Dustin" Prievo got his start in the Entertainment Industry in 2005. As a teen who was obsessed with music and had a large collection of vinyl, CDs, & Cassette Tapes and was asked to DJ at a friend's graduation party after purchasing, with the help from his parents, his first set of mobile DJin' equipment. He took to the job very seriously. By all accounts, the party was a success; even after some of his 500 collections of CDs had skipped and his lack of organization at the time had him reaching for whatever CD was closest to his fingertips! But he had been bitten by the entertainment bug and knew that in order to continue performing, he'd have to keep growing as an entertainer.


Proving that miracles do exist, Dustin was still called upon to DJ other parties. It helped that he worked cheap and actually tried to entertain rather than put on an album and walk away from the stereo. With time, he learned what worked and what didn't and began to understand the psychology of how to entertain. In 2007 he completed Master of Ceremonies training and that is when the wedding business took to a whole new level for Dustin. 

The results were a success! Dustin quickly became very comfortable on the microphone and began to make weddings and private events much more than just someone who showed up with equipment and played music.

Throughout the late 2000's, Dustin continued to perform at private parties and weddings and in 2011 he took his first look into radio and was hired as an intern for Clear Channel Communications in Washington D.C. for HOT 99.5 FM. Here, he worked in the programming department and learned much about the way radio stations work on a day-to-day basis.  He also was fortunate enough to meet "mix show" DJs, which was something new to Dustin and with some guidance and help, Dustin learned the importance of mixing and beat matching to be the Ultimate DJ.  He quickly became one of the most respected and requested mix show DJs in the College Park, MD-Washington DC nightlife scene and began DJin' at Clubs and Bars throughout the DMV (DC-Maryland-Virginia).  He took to this new style with a goal oriented mind and that summer, he created his first syndicated mixshow, the "Border Blast Off" and "Saturday Night Grind" as he was hired with The Border 106.7 FM in Watertown, NY where he still today holds a weekly mix show at 5pm on Friday evenings.  His upbeat, creative style on the turntables and ability to speak clear and project with comedy and relatability has Dustin the number 1 requested Wedding DJ in the area.  


His calendar quickly fills with referrals from other couples and corporations, leading Dustin Prievo to be one of the busiest DJs in the area, often booked up to two years in advance with Wedding Events. It is best to reach Dustin at least 4 to 12 months in advance to secure your date.